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Ramon Smith, Founder and CEO

Ramon developed the concept of CareerTagged in December, 2011. As the Founder & CEO, his primary responsibility is to ensure the platform meets the needs and objectives of the career ready college student and provide a platform for alumni to communicate career opportunities in their company or industry. Ramon received his degree in Communication from Boston College. He previously worked in Financial Services for six years as a Marketing Analyst in New York. His hobbies are listening to music, fishing and playing soccer.

Paul Newman, COO

Paul is a 15 year Human Resource professional who has worked in many industries in HR leadership roles like Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Compensation, Campus Recruiting and Inclusion. Paul brings a wealth of valuable recruitment and HR expertise to CareerTagged. Paul received his BA degree from University of Pittsburgh and has an Economics degree from Bloomfield College. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Career Counseling at Capella University. His hobbies are mentoring, coaching, reading, soccer and bioethics.

Bhaskar Bhardwaj, CTO

Bhaskar is a 14 year Information Technology professional with extensive experience in R&D, Product Development, Engineering and QC. He has led many IT initiatives for numerous MNCs. Bhaskar brings a wealth of IT and mobile technology to CareerTagged. Bhaskar has a M.Sc., in Computer Science and an M.B.A. in Project Management. His hobbies are exploring new technologies, reading, photography and playing table tennis.


Jim Mathis, Advisor

Jim Mathis served as the President of Southwest Florida College. Jim has over 30 years of experience in education with proven success in leadership.

Penelope Trunk, Advisor

Penelope Trunk is an entrepreneur, author, and blogger. Her work focuses on career and life. Her career blog - receives more than a million of unique visitors per month. Business Week named her the number #1 Career Advisor for Generation Y. and Inc. Magazine named her the most influential Career Counselor

Tara Orchard, Advisor

Tara Orchard is a career and business coach, social networking consultant and writer who spent over 10 years coordinating career services in a public university before moving into private consulting.

Thomas Claxton, Advisor

Thomas Claxton is currently the Executive Vice President of Career Development and oversees the activities of the Career Services Departments at CSI. Thomas also spent over 10 years asan Admissions Director.

Douglas Min, Advisor

Douglas Min served as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Regulatory Compliance, Student Financial Aid and Academic/Education Management at various colleges. Douglas has 25 years of unparalleled history of success in campus operation.

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