Your admissions representatives will be able to engage with prospective students through instant messaging, admissions news feed, gamification badges, admissions checklist alerts and much more via your branded mobile app.

Admissions Communication Solution

  • Download and access your school's branded mobile application and their dedicated admissions representative
  • Create a quick profile - picture, full name and program of interest
  • Instant message their admissions representative. One communication thread with their admissions representative from inquiry to the first day of school
  • Gamification - Receive badges for completing admissions checklist
  • Review information about the programs, admissions requirements, financial aid and admissions events (view photos and videos) posted by your department
  • Review and RSVP to your admissions events in one click
  • Grant their parents access to their platform with their own unique login credentials. Parents can communicate with the admissions representative
  • Receive alerts of outstanding admissions checklist requirements. Parents are also notified via their smartphones
  • Other Apps - Integrates with other apps you have in the Apple or Google Play stores

  • Access to your school branded web application to manage and organize your chat with all your prospective students
  • Instant message prospective students (one-on-one or one-to-many). ONE chat thread with each student from inquiry to the first day of school via their smartphones – Push notification alert!
  • Ability to set a date & time of delivery of future messages to specific group of prospective students private chat thread
  • Receive messages from prospective students when you are off-line and reply to the chat once you return on-line
  • Ability to include attachments in your message to prospective students
  • Update each student’s admissions checklist. Students and their parents will receive a push notification alert on their smartphones each time their checklist is updated
  • Instant message specific group of students with the same admissions checklist status
  • Instant message parents via the student’s account. Ability to conduct group discussions between the parents and prospective student
  • Gamification - Award students with badges for completing admissions checklist

  • Access your school branded web administration to manage your admissions representatives and mobile platform
  • Ability to review each admissions representative chat thread with each student from inquiry to the first day of school
  • Ability to download the entire chat history between each student and their admissions representatives to PDF and upload to your enrollment management system
  • Push news and article feeds about the school programs, admissions requirements, financial aid, FAFSA, grants, scholarships and admissions events (includes photos and videos) to each admissions representatives prospective students’ smartphones
  • Grant other administrators access to some or all of the web admin pages
  • Add and de-activate admissions representative accounts
  • Transfer prospective students to different admissions representatives
  • Ability to draft compliance answers to frequently asked questions for your admissions representatives to select from when responding to prospective students questions
  • Verified and secured by with a 256 Bit Encryption - 30 Day Free Trial!
  • API Integration - The perfect front-end engagement and informational mobile technology to compliment & seamlessly integrate with your desktop back-end Enrollment Management System

Career Services Solution

  • Custom branded mobile career services information management application (includes website portal)
  • Exclusive and private platform to easily communicate with your students and alumni communities
  • Separate platform per campus within your custom app coupled with a web administrative portal
  • API Integration with other systems
  • Dedicated marketing team to assist your career services department 'Go to Market'
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer support

  • Virtual Student/Alumnus ID
  • Receive communication from current professors via news feed
  • Network with each other
  • Research companies with our enhanced employer profile
  • Review job feeds and apply in one click
  • Schedule and manage counseling appointments with career counselors
  • Set and manage interview date, time, alert notification, name(s) and location
  • Send resume to anyone from the App

Admissions Communication Solution
Career Services Solution

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Prospective Students Download Your Mobile App To Inquiry About Your School

Admissions Rep Communication Web App
Prospective Students Mobile App

Easily chat with your admissions representative/counselor to inquire about the school or admissions and review important news/articles feed posted by your admissions department about the admissions process, your school programs, financial aid and admissions events via their smartphones.

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Prospective Students Begin The Admissions Process

Your Enrollment Management System
Admissions Rep Communication Web App
Prospective Students Mobile App

Once interest is displayed to apply, they will be able to stay connected & engaged with the same admissions representative/counselor through chat and the admissions reward badges feature. Most importantly, they will be able to instantly review their admissions checklists statuses through out the enrollment process via their smartphones.

Students login to your Enrollment Management System to Review or Update their Admissions Information


Prospective students will receive push alert notification each time their admissions representative/counselor update their checklist, send chat messages and award admissions badges via their smartphones.

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